And the Truth shall set you free…

At the beginning of 2024, in the final day (of the twelve) of Christmas , let’s talk about Truth and Freedom.

There is an unbreakable relationship between Truth, Liberty and Life. As unbreakable as the one between lie, slavery and death. Truth liberates, lie enslaves. Truth gives Life, lie kills  – bodies, souls, generations. It’s been like that since the beginning of our world. Look around and open the Bible.

This is how the devil (serpent) killed Adam and Eve: he lied to them, they bit the apple, and they lost Life (Genesis 3). The devil, who from the very beginning was a murderer and the father of all lies (John 8:44), and who through lies continues to enslave and kill to this day.

The symbol of the World Health Organization

You don’t believe me. Let’s take then two real-life examples of global notoriety:

How many hundreds of millions of people did the communist lie enslave and murder in less than a century – the 20th century? How many billions has the new totalitarian Covid-Vaccine lie enslaved, and how many millions (or tens of millions?) has already killed, in only three years?

You know. You were told so many times, in so many words, data, numbers… But many still don’t (want to) know because, in this case, the truth hurts and the lie is more comfortable.

Yet, at the end of the 20th century, it was the truth that saved hundreds of millions of Eastern Europeans, captive in the old communist camp. It was also the truth that saved from sure death billions of people captive in the Covid-Vaccine global camp imposed on us in 2020 by the WHO-China-WEF-BigPharma. [That is by those new-rite-communists which the scholars still refuse to identify as such. They keep calling them globalists, progressives, technocrats, neonormals, anything but communists, though their goals, methodology and psychology are the same. But some truths are too inconvenient, I get it.]

It was, after all, the same Truth Born for us two millennia ago, in a stable, in order to restore human Life and Liberty.

You are free to deny these realities and causalities. You are free to choose the Lie. What you can’t do anymore, however, is to say that you didn’t know, because you haven’t been told. You were told.

The New Dead World

There are three words that since the Covid neo-totalitarian era began to gain traction in the public space: New World Order.

The public never before concerned with politics, ideologies and totalitarian plans, seeking to understand who and why kidnapped their Life and Liberty over night, learned that a new world was being prepared for them. One planned, for example, by the World Economic Forum (WEF) patronized by Klaus Schwab according to his own vision of the Great global Reset. Or by the World Health Organization, subsidiary of China – communist China, yes, not „state capitalist” as some believe. Or by billionaires like Bill and Melinda Gates together with WEF and WHO – see Event 201.

In short, a large part of the public learned about the attractive new world of technology all the way – so enticing because of the comfort offered, but weaponized against them according to old total(itarian) control desires of some.

Important parenthesis. The public learned about these plans from their authors themselves who popularized them through BigMedia…which they also control. The same BigMedia that calls these plans conspiracy theories, although in part they have already been translated into reality. Interesting way, isn’t it, to bury the truth in plain sight: you show it to the public, but at the same time you tell them that what they see is not real. I close the parenthesis.

Therefore, after 2020, the general public became familiar with New World Order ideas and plans they hadn’t heard before, such as You will own nothing, but you will be happy… (WEF 2016)


Fewer, though, have learned that the totalitarian aspirations of global application did not begin with Klaus Schwab, the WEF, the WHO or Xi’s China.

Even fewer understood – including among the scholars of political theories and systems – that all totalitarian utopias (communist, socialist, fascist, technocrat, progressive, transhumanist) have the same methodological and psychological (not only ideological) substrate: the lie and the human sin (cowardice, sloth, envy, greed, vanity, promiscuity). And they all have a deadly enemy: the truly Free Man.

„The long tradition – two and a half millennia – of utopian works, amazingly similar in the smallest details regarding the recipes for building the Ideal Citadel, attests to a truth: under the mask of a demon of Good, the totalitarian temptation is a constant of the human spirit, within which it was and always will be in conflict with the aspiration to freedom.” – Jean-Francois Revel – Grand Parade. Essay on the Survival of Socialist Utopia (2000)

No, friends. It is not the first time in history when some intellectuals without God, with serious moral or mental problems, propose a New World, broken from the project – dead and without freedom -, which a handful of degenerates want to impose on us. I remind you only three famous versions: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels – The Communist Manifesto (1848); Aldous Huxley – Brave New World (1932); H.G. Wells – The New World Order (1940). And a famous critical version: George Orwell – 1984 (1949).

Yes, I know, you’ll tell me that at least two of the four versions (Huxley and Orwell) are fiction. And I will contradict you: all four versions of New World, including the Marxist program and its alternative proposed by HG Wells, are fiction. Sick socio-politicals fictions, dystopias.

Unfortunately all four versions of New World have roots in the reality of human nature and its weaknesses, and once out there, they’ve always been and will be someone’s sick dream. Actually, they have already become political, ideological and methodological road map for some.

Yes, my friends. This is essentially what the UN, WHO, WEF, Big Media, Big Pharma, the countless so-called Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the „private” corporations that serve them do: they remix totalitarian fictions and methodologies, and pack them ideologically in the promise of a better world.

Nothing new.

The only novelty though is that, thanks to the technological advance and globalization, regarding the totalitarian temptation the differences between the West and the East are being erased day by day. Because not only biological plagues are contagious and manufactured in transcontinental laboratories, but also the political lies (read ideologies) and plagues.

Those who ignore this reality will continue to embrace, without even knowing, the totalitarian utopias. Those who want them translated into reality will continue to recycle, pre-manufacture and implement the lies they ar made of. Both will actively enable, under the name of progress, their own death: a world without Truth and without Freedom.

What about us then …


The Real New World

Once in our world, a stable had something in it that was bigger than our whole world, wrote CS Lewis in The Last Battle, the seventh and last book of the Chronicles of Narnia.

The Chronicles of Narnia are considered fantasies for children. The first three were screened as such by the Disney company – you know, the one with the woke-tanned Snow White.

I doubt The Last Battle will ever become a big screen movie – anyway, not  according to the original text. Because even older children understand it’s a book about Courage, Faith and Truth, and they understand the author’s message:

The big lie (of Shift, the ugly ape), the lack of faith (of the dwarves) and the cowardice (of the many) destroyed a beautiful world (Narnia). But the truth, the strong faith, and the courage of the few (the last king of Narnia and those who helped him) gave them a new, free, happy and beautiful Kingdom (the Heaven).

It’s not a desirable message for Hollywood, BigMedia, or the current education systems. But it is one that deserves to be passed on to current and next generations of all ages, as well as the writings for adults by the same author – one of the most brilliant minds of the last century.

Coincidentally CS Lewis was a Christian. Not coincidentally, in the midst of World War II, in 1943, he published another book titled Mere Christianity.

Mere Christianity is a short, clear and brutally realistic book, shocking for many. But essential now more than ever, because we too are in the midst of a world war, profoundly anti-Christian in creeds and values, in which the great battle remains the one for Truth and Freedom.

The fact that today’s weapons are more sophisticated technologically and culturally makes that many people do not perceive the current war or its great battles as such. That’s why I chose to start the year with a message about Truth and Freedom, which I conclude as follows:

Truth is 2,000 years ago a stable in Bethlehem (not the fictional Narnia) „had in it something greater than our world” – CS Lewis reminded the children. And so the True New World was born, in which Liberty with a capital letter began to triumph – I remind those of all ages.

Those who experienced the miracle [of the Nativity and Resurrection of Christ] and chose to Believe were called Christians. At first they weren’t many, but they soon became, and they spread Christianty to all corners of the Earth. See for yourself where and when:

On the shoulders, faith and sacrifice of the first Christians and their successors, the New World moved forward towards more Life, Truth and Freedom. Meanwhile we became over two billion souls.

We are over a quarter of humanity – more than one in four people – who have the duty to never forget that „God created beings which had free will. That means creatures which can go either wrong or right. […] And free will is what has made evil possible. Why, then, did God give them free will? Because free will though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having. […] And for that they must be free.” (CSLewis – Mere Christianity, The shocking alternative chapter.)

This is the great truth entrusted to us by God, incarnated in Man two millennia ago. This remains the most effective weapon against the broken and dead worlds that others propose or want to impose on us.

So, be free. If you forgot how, open the Manual. The one where it was written the Truth will set you free, and which remains the best-selling book in the world .

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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