‘Rebuilding Trust’. This is the slogan under which the annual World Economic Forum’s meeting is being held these days at Davos.

I can’t figure it out if it’s an unintentional irony or a historical defiance, but I think only those who have never before heard of WEF could trust this congregation or its members. A simple look at the biography of the founder of the WEF (Klaus Schwab) and his dreams of the great global reset is enough to make you wish all this had never existed.

But the WEF does exist and still has great plans for us, including for our health. Which is more than a historical irony: it’s a cause for serious concern, because WEF itself is a disease. A political, economic and ideological disease which has already made too many victims, in too many ways.

The collaboration with the Bio-Pharmaceutic Complex and the Gates foundation for establishing CEPI [Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations], or for pandemic scenarios like Event 201 in 2019; the deference to characters such as Alfred Bourla, the veterinarian who runs Pfizer; or the adamant support for the toxic products improperly called „anti-COVID19 vaccines” (which the FEM and CEPI consider a great global success) are only a few symptoms of a more comprehensive syndrome, and legitimate reasons for total distrus in the WEF.

(For those who don’t know, CEPI is a consortium launched at Davos 2017 with an initial budget of almost half a billion dollars. Its goal, according to the public information, is to promote, or rather enforce, global vaccination.)

And that’s precisely why the Davos meetings, symptoms of a dangerous global syndrome, are worth watching.

First, because so far WEF plans have had the unfortunate tendency to be translated, at least partially, into reality. And not only by influencial private corporations and NGOs, but also by state and government leaders they have in their pockets – without whom they cannot impose on large populations these failed-by-design policies, already resulting in too many innocent victims.

Secondly, it is obvious this gang of global planners is not changing their agenda, regardless of the number of their planned aberrations and proven failures. And their agenda is exactly what they periodically declare at Davos.

Therefore, it is useful to know in advance the plans of these global public enemies, in order to try to prevent them and their consequences on us as much as possible.

That is why I invite you to watch what happens in the coming days at Davos from this perspective: ZERO TRUST in the good intentions or declarations of good intentions of these global gangsters, but more attention to what they say.

Personally, I’m curious to know, for instance, what they’ prepare for the next „pandemic” – or „plandemic”?, because they act as if they are planning it.

In this respect, a conference entitled „Preparing for the Disease X is scheduled Wednesday, on the 17th of January. The theme of the conference is, I quote from the WEF website (the quote disappeared in the meantime):

With fresh warnings from the World Health Organization that an unknown “Disease X” could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic, what novel efforts are needed to prepare healthcare systems for the multiple challenges ahead?

I don’t want to speculate what ‘challenges’ have in making, right now, the Chinese labs with the help of various Western gangsters. I can only state the obvious:

2024 is Election year in the USA, and, from their point of view, Trump must be prevented at all costs from running or winning back the White House, because the destruction of America must continue – and why not by the Wuhan 2020 succesful recipe? Furthermore Xi’s China has notorious dreams for global domination as much as the WHO or the WEF, with whom China usually concurs when it comes to destroying the Western life, liberty and civilization.

But what exactly this global evil axis prepares behind the public scene we don’t know; these should be concerns for the espionage and (bio)security agencies of each country.

However we can learn some of their bio-terror plans and methodology from the lecturers at Davos – which will present them, of course, in the name of the ‘greater good’ for us, the deplorable, non-progressive people of the planet.

Meanwhile, what we know for sure about the next global health crisis they will manufacture and deploy is that some „British scientists”, 200 in number, funded by the British government, are working on „developing vaccines as insurance against a new pandemic caused by an unknown ‘Disease X'” . This is what the head of the agency, Professor Jenny Harries, a career medical bureaucrat, told Sky News in August 2023.

Professor Dame Jenny Harries, the head of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)

Yes, you read correctly: employees of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) are working to develop vaccines for a disease that does not exist.

You don’t have to be a medical doctor to know that you can’t make vaccines for unknown diseases – actually, you can’t make them for most of the known diseases either.

But because we are talking about „British scientists” funded by the government, and lately known rather for their resounding failures – such as the pandemic modellings by Neil Ferguson from the Imperial College – their „science” is not exactly surprising.

Neil Ferguson, British epidemiologist

Nor should anyone be surprised if at Davos, in the coming days, we’ll hear similar ‘scientific’ aberrations.

That’s because the omniscient Kate Kelland, also a UK citizen and former Reuters correspondent on global health issues, is the author of the book titled „Disease X – The 100 days mission to End Pandemics”, probably the map for the Wednesday conference.

Currently and officialy Kate Kelland is CEPI’s ‘Chief Scientific Writer’. Actually and more likely she is the head of propaganda for this international consortium promoting fear of pandemics and vaccines.

Why am I saying this? Because this English lady is of literary not medical or scientific profession – she has a degree in French and German from the Durham University. So what could possibly recommend her as a chief supervisor of the scientific, mostly medical, literature on pandemics, epidemiology, virology and vaccinology? What, apart from her literary talent, a good knowledge of punctuation in several languages, and the devotion to the agenda of her employers? Nothing.

But who knows, perhaps Kelland has some clairvoyant abilities (emerging from some scientific crystal ball), since in July 2023 she allowed herself to make such public statements about the next pandemic:

“It’s a virus that we don’t know yet, but we do know is out there, and we do know has the potential to spill over from an animal population potentially into humans, perhaps mutate or adapt itself and then begin spreading and killing people faster than we can contain it.”

So, amazing Kate, who is not a medical doctor, knows!, unclear how, what the next pandemic will be like. Of course she „knows”: she’s hired for global vaccination propaganda, which necessarily includes spreading the fear-of-death-by-infectious-disease in compelling words.

Sadly, there is not much difference between Kate Kelland and the famous English scientist Neil Ferguson, the 2020 pandemic modeler responsible for suspending life and liberty in the Western world.

In his epidemiological modelling, Neil was never wrong by less than a few thousands per hundred percentage; this is the minimum magnitude of his repeated historical errors.

Neil, as well as Kate, is not a medical doctor, yet he is an epidemiologist (!) and profesor at the medical Imperial College. One who, although specialized in failure, was decorated by the late queen of the late British empire.

So, what do Kate and Neil have in common, except for their nationality? Obviously, both are worldwide esteemed impostors, lately infuencing life, liberty, health and healthcare systems beyond the borders of their country.

No wonder that the UK is among the founders and sponsors of CEPI. Nor that CEPI was launched at Davos 2017. Nor should we be surprised if these days they’ll push forward, together, an even more destructive agenda than the one we already experienced during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately this seems to be one common thread that unites not only the former British Empire [the UK], but all the partners of the WEF and CEPI: when it comes to human health they all seem to hold in high esteem and rely on „specialists” who have as little as possible in common with the medical profession and the healthcare sciences, and based on their ideas they keep pushing to reset human life all over the planet.

Bravo! This is the best way to ‘rebuild trust’.

So let’s watch what’s happening at Davos with the „Disease X” and its ideology. Because from this type of „experts” will emerge the next bad ideas for our health, but also the unavoidable question we, the people of each and every country, should ask our government: when will they stop imposing on us health policies aligned with the plans of these global impostors, organized in global unhealthy coalitions such as the WEF, WHO or CEPI?


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