On the 14th of January 2021, the US’s House of Representatives voted for the second impeachment of President Trump. They did it under the pretext of the riots that took place last week in DC, at the Capitol, resulting in the death of 4 people. They (falsely) claimed Donald Trump instigated that violence which they compared to insurrection.

Thus the 45th president of the United States became the first American president indicted twice during the same term. His first impeachment by the Democrats, also without constitutional and factual grounds, was rejected by the Senate earlier last year.

The Democrats’ majority in the House which voted to initiate the second impeachemnt of Donald Trump was joined this time by ten Republicans.  RINOs:

This bipartizan majority proceeded at an unprecedented speed, in only a few hours, and without any evidence of the accusation brought against the President.

This speed and legal falsehood  of the procedure reminded me of what happened eight years ago in my country.

In July 2012 our President was suspended for the second time by the same lawless coalition of the most corrupted PSD and PNL MPs that  had suspended him before, in 2007. From constitutional and factual point of view, the second suspension was as groundless as the first. The real reason was the same and notorious: the President was fighting corruption,  they were corrupt (facing criminal charges, prosecution, some even convicted) so they wanted him gone.

Their second groundless suspension failed too. But their constitutional coup failed only in part: the corrupt coalition against the President, having super-majority, manipulated the 2012 elections, mantained the super-majority, gained total control of the parliament, the central executive and of the Constitutional Court,  and in the next 4 years they have changed gradually the legislation to the point they transformed our constitutional order to fit their own undemocratic and corrupt interests.

To me, the Romanian coup in 2012 was a surprise only in what concerned its speed and the lack of reaction from the confused majority of my fellow citizens. Beyond that it was somehow foreseeable. We were a former communist country,  struggling for decades to break with our communist and corrupted elites, and still failing. But to see that happening to America by the same methodology – of the Left, yes – it’s beyond surprise. It’s a frightening indication of how far and deep the enemies of America – the Left and friends – infiltrated, advanced and corrupted the federal government. Of how resilient  and relentless they are. And of how they should have been treated exactly as such – enemies of America –  by the opposing Republican party and conservative elites,  but they weren’t and aren’t.

During the impeachment session, the Democrats went completely rogue, outside the Constitution and the truth about the Republican President Trump. Instead of fighting them like hell,  ten Republican representatives joined them, and one too many Republican senators supported their false narrative.

This time, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats didn’t bother to present any evidence to justify the impeachment. They had the votes, they didn’t care anymore about the truth or the law because now they are the truth and the law.  Whatever they say and vote goes.  So they simply stated the President would have incited the insurrection in his address at the Save America rally last week. A blatant lie. Feel free to watch the full address and judge for yourself:

Transcript of the address here

Larry O’Connor, in his latest editorial for Townhall, sarcastically called this  political masquerade „The Seinfeld Impeachment.” In many ways it was. „It was an impeachment about nothing.” , wrote O”Connor.

Nothing except for the ongoing contempt and hatred  the Democrats and friends hold against America, the American people, the Constitution or anyone who dares to defend them. Yes, they actually hate America, the American people and the Constitution that the 45th American President swore in January 2017 to defend. And he did it the best he could. Better than any of his predecessors since Ronald Reagan. He did it for 4 years, at great personal expense and risk, despite and against the Deep State, the Democrats, the Big Media, the Big Tech and the Big Money. This is the real reason for his second impeachment attempt. This, and the FEAR.

FEAR of the American people and the President who  received over 75 million of their LEGAL votes. Fear that Donald Trump and the Republican party minus „the swamp” will continue to expose them; to mess with their corruption and their anti-American plans; to successfully lead and consolidate the MAGA  movement and maybe even succeed to give Americans back, again, their country – currenty highjacked from its constitutional foundations. They are afraid that, finally, if he stays alive, he may win again the White House. His removal from office before the end of his term would have prevented him to do so.

This is why they resorted to this last minute impeachment, ostensibly legal. In fact it was just another political scam, utterly groundless and deeply lawless. Yes, they can.

Meanwhile, in the remaining days of his first term, President Trump has decided to declassify the documents about Obamagate. That is the official evidence about the Obama-Clinton-FBI-DOJ cabal who acted against him and his people since August 2016. And you still wonder why they want him gone, humiliated, completely discredited? Why they are so  unleashed against him as they’ve always  been?

Obamagate is not a political scandal, nor conspiracy theory, but a reality which is about to be disclosed to the public. A reality that could send some mighty anti-American rulers of America at least to the dumpster of history if not in jail. All by the will and power of President Trump. Of course they want him gone at all cost.

The last clarification was intended primarily for those who have not yet understood how and why the American Left and their Deep State have resorted to the complex, risky (under the criminal law) and unprecedented fraud in November. Or why they want this last minute removal of the 45th President. Yes, they may have succeeded, so far, their hostile and fraudulent take-over of all three branches of  America’s government. But let’s not forget what they still have to face, and they know it.

Let’s not forget the 75 mill Americans (actually more) that voted MAGA,  for Donald Trump. They aren’t going anywhere.

Let’s not forget those officials and federal government employees that have remained loyal to their President, their constitution and their country. They aren’t going anywhere.

Let’s not forget the Republicans in all the Red states that have never given up, not even during the Obama era.

We are talking about tens of millions of American patriots. In 2020 they have been robbed by the Democrats and their Deep State like never before, and then some. Their country, the law and order enshrined in their constitution; their fundamental freedom, justice and dignity, along with their President who fought and went through hell for them; all of this was stolen in 2020 from them. They know it and  they won’t quietly go down into the night, without a fight. Their enemies, the Left, the Deep State, know it.

And that is why I believe both the worst and the best are yet to come. Therefore, nothing ends on the 20th of January, and now you know it too.

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