God didn’t die, but did bless America

In 1620, 41 English Protestant pilgrims, led by William Bradford, driven away from Europe by Anglican and Catholic persecution, embarked with their families on a ship departing for the New World. The ship was called Mayflower. Hence the name Mayflower Compact for the convention they concluded then, considered instrumental for their political and religious vision, the one that shaped the spirit of the future American nation and Union. Bradford’s pilgrims settled in Plymouth were the ones who celebrated the first Thanksgiving of the New World.

Since 1863, due to President Lincoln, every year,  on the last Thursday of November, America celebrates Thanksgiving as a national legal holiday. Still, for many, the true meaming of this celebration it’s wrapped in a web of counfusion. Some probably think it’s the day of the turkey. Others believe it’s some sort of Harvest Day celebrated by the early 17th century New England settlers – we too had a Harvest Day in the Socialist Republic of Romania; not quite the same, I’d say. As for the gratitude and thanksgivings,  the American children learn from their history books that those were given by the pilgrims to the natives, basically for zootechnical support and agricultural know-how. False, false and false.

However, the most creative contributions to the falsification of the historical memory and true meaning of Thanksgiving were brought by the American Left. For instance, during the „multicultural” regime of Obama – the one who managed to identify in the Declaration of Independence the socialist future of America, i.e. the anti-America – Thanksgiving was overtly labeled as racist and sexist. Racist because it celebrates the massacre of Indians by the white European man. Sexist because the American woman is condemned to the kitchen duty of preparing the traditional feast and turkey, while the man drinks beer watching TV.

Then, in 2015, in full anti-Western jihad (organized and waged by the Islamic State, which Obama said it’s not Islamic), bearing the politically correct codename of ‘the refugee crisis’, the Huffington Post managed to equate the non-equatable: the situation of the Mayflower pilgrims with that of the Syrian „refugees,” whom the Americans were invited to receive in their homes for Thanksgiving.

What the Huffington Posts failed to mention – masterful lie by omission! – was that the first Pilgrims were peaceful Christians, while the 2015 Syrian “refugees” were among the most explosive (literally explosive) Muslims, and that the Obama regime systematically refused to receive Christian refugees (actually killed and persecuted on religious grounds all over Islam). Of course they refused: Obama’s anti-America is fundamentally anti-Christian.

On the other hand, Thanksgiving is the Day of Christian Gratitude and Thanks for the everyday life, bread, family and freedom given form above. Thanksgiving to God, not to the Indians. That’s what the Pilgrims celebrated for the first time in Plymouth, four centuries ago. This is what George Washington officially proclaimed, at the request of the first Congress, in 1789, the year of divine grace when the American Constitution became effective. The constitution of We the People, One Nation Under God and the Blessings of Liberty which has kept America away from dictatorship to this day.

The same year, 1789, in Europe was opened the way of the divine disgrace through the French Revolution which, with its totalitarian terror and secular fervor, paved the road for Marxism and the political horrors of the 20th century. Had the French revolutionary leaders thanked God for the Blessings of Liberty instead of turning against Him, who knows, maybe the two world wars, the Nazism, the Fascism, the Communism and their over a hundred million victims would have never existed. Maybe …

The French Revolution  -The execution of Marie Antoanette

Anti-communism and Christian Liberty

Thanks to the American intellectual Left, which is dominating schools, universities and media for some time now, American young generations don’t learn the true history of Bradford’s pilgrims or Thanksgiving. They learn instead that the Pilgrims were bigoted, sad, ungrateful Puritans, exploiters, profiteers, haters of freedom, and perpetrators of the American Indian genocide. They learn that had not been for the Indians, the Pilgrims would have starved to death, and that is why Thnaksgiving is about thanks to the Indians. False and false.

How false, Americans of all ages can still learn, not from school or MSM, but from the  truth keepers, which in the US continue to exist, thank God! For instance, they can learn from the contributors of Federalist Media and their Project 1620. Or from Rush Limbaugh, who for 31 years keeps telling the true story of the Pilgrims and its true meaning on his Thanksgiving shows. I too learned from them and I think especially now, in the year of the unprecedented Covidist and Woke-ist (read „communist”) assault on America, the story deserves to be repeated with context. The context of both the past and the present.

‘In truth, the Pilgrims, and the Puritans who followed them, were not 21st-century liberal democrats, but they created political institutions and practices that profoundly influenced the course of American politics and facilitated later experiments in republican self-government and liberty under law. They valued natural rights, rule by the consent of the governed, and limited government; and they were convinced that citizens have a right, and perhaps even a duty, to resist tyrannical governments. Four hundred years since the signing of the Mayflower Compact, we should honor their contributions to the creation of the American republic.’ wrote here, for the Federalist’s Project 1620, on the 26th of November this year, Mark David Hall.

Also true is that the most relevant experience Bradford’s Pilgrims had, recorded in Bradford’s diary, is that, long before being theorized by Marx, they experienced socialism, in fact communism, and found out it doesn’t work.

Yes, four hundred years ago, during their first year in Plymouth, the Pilgrims initially decided that all their property was to be common, that there was no private property, and that everyone would receive by redistribution (regardless of how much one works and produces) an equal share of the common wealth and products. It was a phalanstery, a commune like many others tried and failed before and after. The result was one that repeats itself without exception whenever and wherever people are testing socialism: poverty, hunger, laziness, conflict, depression, death. Failure all the way.

That’s why, the following year, Bradford, with the consent of those he led, radically changed the socio-political and economic rules: each family received in exclusive ownership a plot of land, to do what they wanted with it, to cultivate it, to build a house, to take free responsibility for their own life. Guess what happened?

It happened that the unleashed force of individual freedom, property, and responsibility, practiced by the norms of biblical Christianity, brought the well-being, joy, and prosperity that allowed the settlers not only to support themselves but also to make profits (i.e. surplus), to save money, to make economic exchanges and to develop their community. In fact, what happended were the foundations of free entrepreneurship and the American republic. What happened was Capitalism, Traditional Liberalism, and American Democracy, a combined institutional design still unique in the world, which led in the next century to We the people, One Nation under God and The Land of the Free, all very Christian. That’s what happened.


Covidism is communism, therefore anti-Christian

The Covid crisis is a political, not a medical crisis.

Yes, Covid-19 is a real disease, sometimes deadly, caused by a real biological virus – one of the many deadly plagues China has been donating to the world for centuries. So far nothing new, except this time the biological plague was offered in package with the political plague of global neocommunism. More precisely with the corona-viral segment of globalism, the Covidism. Where by Covidism I mean the totalitarian anti-Covid policies based on zero science, first applied in Wuhan, then voluntarily embraced by many Western governments.

In other words, Covidism is part of the magical communism made in China. I say „magical”, because the (once) Free World, while formally condemning communism, has been welcoming Chinese communism for decades, under the most fanciful names and pretexts. For example, Chinese economic socialism has been rebranded „state capitalism”; China has been rebranded „competitor” instead of the enemy, and Wuhanization has been adopted by the West under the pretext of „saving lives” from the new Chinese „killer virus.” True magic, right? I’m talking, obviously, about the magic of the Lie, the fundamental value and methodology of the Left.

Chinese Capitalism

When you were told these things in March (the beginning of the pandemic), you didn’t believe them. You were too media-frightened ond virally bewitched to understand that this is how totalitarian regimes are installed: through Lies, „structuring Fear” (see socialist Jaques Attali in March 2009 for L’Express) and „structuring Destruction” (see the Cloward-Piven strategy), or rather destructuring, deliberately and systematically propagated. By the Left, yes.

Frances Piven and Richard Cloward with President Clinton

When it was explained to you that Sars-Cov2 is a political and psychological weapon rather than biological, used against Freedom and Civilization (Western and Christian, yes), again, you didn’t believe it. Nonsense and conspiracy theory!

When you were repeatedly explained that the main target is Donald Trump (being  election year) and the Covid weapon (political, yes) is directed primarily against Trump’s America – that is America as it was founded, which remains the quintessence of Christian Freedom , Rule of Law and Constitutional Democracy, their first and last bastion for over two centuries – you refused to believe again.

Many  still refuse to see and understand even now, after 8 months of overwhelming evidence in plain sight. I am referring to the evidence that the Wuhanization of the West, synonymous with Covidism, is deliberate and based on zero science. And that it is a political religion of the Global Left, essentially anti-Christian, not just anti-democratic, anti-liberal and anti-capitalist (therefore anti-American). However, two realities proved it beyond doubt. The first is that, like any totalitarian political religion, Covidism cancelled Freedom and downgraded faith in Eternity, promising Immortality instead. Give up Freedom and eternal Afterlife, and we guarantee you eternal health  (safe from viruses) with our political pseudoscience – that’s what the governments led by star-experts like Fauci and Ferguson kept (and keep) telling you, lying to you. Then they closed the churches and confined Christians in their houses for Easter.

To my knowledge, this is the first time in history when politicians in America have ordered the closure of churches for any reason, not just for Easter (Trump wanted to reopen them and lift covid restrictions), violating the first amendment to the US Constitution without any trace of remorse.  From the epidemic’s point of view, the measure made no sense. How could it, when supermarkets and public transportation remained open, zero human contact is impossible, and the epidemic, it was known from early April, was already on the downward curve? You know, Farr’s curve… science… medicine… From the point of view of the planetary communists, on the contrary, it made all the sense: they brought America and Western Christianity to their knees faster and more efficiently than ever before. Covidism achieved what the old communists would have wanted, but never dared.

The Thanksgiving Covidic Dystopia

In Europe we have no Thanksgiving Day. In America there is and it remains a very special Christian celebration. Therefore, the American Democrats (read „communists”) couldn’t miss the opportunity to use Covidism again against Christianity, this time with tragi-comic accents.

For instance, in the state of New York, old stronghold of the American communist elites, the number of people allowed to gather at church or at home for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner has been limited by law. Governor Cuomo ordered law enforcement to control the number of people and cars at residential addresses. But things didn’t work as expected. Thus, several local sheriffs informed gov. Cuomo in advance, publicly, that they will not comply with his law because it is unconstitutional in too many ways, and their duty is to defend the law and constitutional order, and to use their resources to protect communities from real dangers, not from the American traditions. Then, in a 5/4 decision, on Thanksgiving Eve, the United States Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the Cuomo’s Covid legislation which restricted access to the houses of worship.

In California, another state controlled by American communists, no one challenged to the Supreme Court the religious restrictions that have persisted since the beginning of the pandemic. Instead, Governor Newsom imposed new Thanksgiving restrictions: no more than three families to attend the traditional dinner, outside not inside the house, and no more than two hours. Because, as the Covid „science” has settled, being outdoors, in the evening cold, is the healthiest way not to get sick, and Covid is scheduled to infect people after precisely two hours. I’d like to see how the Newsom’s police managed to arrest those who dined in larger numbers, inside their houses, for more than two hours.

However, Pennsylvania leftist Governor Wolf has overcome himself. In addition to the restrictions on movement and assembly, he insanely extended the mask mandates, requiring people to wear masks inside their homes! Good luck with implementing this rule!

These are just a few examples of Covidism by which the American Left is trying to install its totalitarian dystopia. They try, but I doubt it they will succeed. Why doubt it? Because the American people has two and a half centuries of constitutionally and uniquely guaranteed freedom , and four centuries of Christian Gratitude for this type of freedom.

After four centuries, still One Nation under God

Never in the history of mankind, whether we are talking about tyranny or democracy, has the political course of a society been determined by majorities, but by the strongest political minorities, who have assembled around them enough ordinary people. Bradford’s pilgrims were 41. The signatories of the Declaration of Independence were 56. Washington’s army was much smaller than the one of the British Empire and hadn’t been trained at the Royal Military Academy. What I mean is that for four centuries now, the same thing has happened in America. Regardless of the huge adversities and dire probabilities, a handful of exceptional, brave, intelligent, determined and faithful freedom lovers, along with their followers, have always been enough to preserve and carry on the miracle of the New World. Chances are  history will repeat again.

Yes, America is again at the crossroads of its history. Many believe it’s game over. That after a hundred years of tireless efforts consisting in relentless lies, theft, deception, murder, imposture and „revolutionary” destruction, the domestic and international Left has defeated, at last, Washington’s, Lincoln’s, Reagan’s and, more recently, Trump’s America. They think so because Donald Trump and his America are alone against the whole world – or at least that’s how it seems.

I would’t rush to declare victory against America. The fate of the US elections has not yet been decided. Trump’s attorneys have pending lawsuits in federal courts and the Supreme Court prior to Decemeber 14th, based on strong arguments and overwhelming evidence of the Great Fraud and the violations of the Constitution and the electoral codes. The elections in key-states have not yet been certified. And the majority in the federal Senate is still in dispute in Georgia.

In addition and contrary to appearances, Donald Trump is not alone. It’s true he doesn’t have on his side the elites of the Republican Party (full of RINOs, traitors or nevertrumpers). It’s true he doesn’t have on his side the top of the FBI, CIA, not even the DOJ, all of which, in theory and by the law should be loyal to him, as President-in-Office, and to America; they are not. But Trump has alongside, in addition to exceptional lawyers – those whom Big Tech and Big Media, including Fox News, denigrate and obstruct – also a part of the federal magistrates, faithful to the American law and constitution, and enough of the law enforcement and security agencies. Plus, he has the essential: the tens of millions of We the people of all races, colors and political affiliations, who care about their vote and their republic. All of them, together, have on their side not only the Truth, the Bible and the Constitution, but also the right to possess weapons and use them for self-defense. The self-defense of their Life, Freedom, Constitution and Country against tyrants.

It’s not the first time Americans are alone against the world. Bradford’s pilgrims were all alone against harsh wilderness when they colonized the east coast of America, only with the bible in hand – bible which they, unlike most of the world’s population at the time, knew how to read. The Americans gained their independence on their own (the French helped a little, it’s true), through a war fought and won against the greatest empire of the time. Lincoln’s America fought and won alone, in the name of the Constitution and the preservation of the Union, the bloody Civil War. Even in the 20th century, after Woodrow Wilson paved the way for American internationalism, Americans defended their country still on their own and, on top of it, they saved the nations of Western Europe and then some.

In other words, for four hundred years, the Free, Democratic and Christian America has not been kneeled down, although it had against all the flower of the world’s tyrannies. A political miracle? That’s how the American history seems, indeed. Except not any kind of miracle, but one allowed and protected by God for the Freedom of mankind.

That’s why today I told you the true story of the Mayflower Pilgrims and Thanksgiving. There is a lot to learn, hope and follow here. All four centuries of American history retain the spirit of that hard but miraculous beginning. That’s why I don’t think the end of America has come. Because despite the huge adversities, despite the fact that many Americans have forgotten (if they’ve ever known) the true story and essence of the American spirit, tens of millions of Americans continue to self-define and proudly identify themselves as We the people, One Nation under God. Tens of millions. A reality that should not be underestimated. After all, God did bless America, and there are tens of millions who still remember.

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