A Small Victory in the New American Civil War


Lest we get disheartened in what appears to be the leftist steam roller of civil society in this country, there are glimmers of hope and an indication that the vast majority of Americans will stand up to intimidation.

Late in July, the residents of Berthoud, Colorado held a “Back the Blue” rally to support their local law enforcement and some out of town leftists decided to hold a counter demonstration. The result was probably a surprise to the lily white ANTIFA/BLMers; a large crowd of flag-waving residents of Berthoud confronted and shouted down the leftists. Many of the locals were armed, as quite often ANTIFA gatherings have been known to be violent.

Yes, the leftists were allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights, but they were quickly spirited out of town under police escort; the ultimate irony since the ANTIFA/BLMers were sporting a large “Defund the Police” banner. To be honest, I watched the video with immense satisfaction as it simply reaffirmed something that I’ve always known.

This is more than a simple confrontation between left and right, radical versus establishment, America-haters versus patriots. This was a group of Americans who love their country, and are tired of being demonized for that sentiment. People who refuse to apologize for being white or successful. People who have played by the rules and thrived, quite often serving their country honorably and proud of what it has accomplished–establishing itself as a beacon of hope for the world’s oppressed.

Localnici din Colorado City alungă hoardele Antifa/BLM


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